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One of the main problems of modern companies is staff turnover, as well as difficulties in relationships with staff. Our recruitment agency will help you forget about this problem and focus on finding clients and the quality of work.

We recruit Asian staff, skilled and unskilled, from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to work in construction, trade, agriculture, manufacturing, service, HoReCa and others.
Together with you, we conduct the selection and interview process to ensure the professionalism of applicants.
Asian staff for cleaning

Why do you need employees from Asia?

The economic benefits of working with employees from Asia have already been appreciated by many European companies.
Contracts with personnel from Asia are concluded for a minimum of 5 years, which means stability and no staff turnover for your company. The employee is interested in working as long as possible.
Employees from Asia have a high degree of work motivation. When an employee moves to another country to work for your company, he will do everything to please the new place and keep the job.
Working with staff from Asia is often more financially beneficial due to the high return on staff, the lack of staff turnover and, as a result, lower staff costs.

Process hiring an Asian employee

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • 1
    Beginning of work
    You sign a contract for the services of our company
  • 2
    Employee profile
    Together with you, we create a profile of the right employee, describing all the necessary qualities
  • 3
    We select resumes that meet your requirements and conduct online interviews
  • 4
    Work Permit
    We complete all the paperwork and obtain an official work permit for an employee in Romania
  • 5
    We issue a work visa for the employee
  • 6
    Arrival of an employee
    We organize the arrival of an employee in Romania and meet him
  • 7
    We issue a temporary residence permit in Romania for an employee
  • 8
    Employee onboarding
    We hold special seminars for employees to help them easily integrate into the Romanian culture

Asian staff. Recruitment agency

About our work in numbers
Asian employees successfully integrated into Romanian companies
Various business industries that have asian staff from us
Сountries where we recruit
Asian staff - Recruitment Agency
Warranties and services:
We take care of the search and all the formalities. You just have to enjoy the work of a new employee.
Selection of Asian personnel
Qualitative selection of Asian personnel
We select staff based on your wishes, taking into account education, work experience, reviews of previous employers, as well as the personal qualities of the employee.

At your request, we are pleased to invite you to join the recruitment process at all stages: review of resumes, interviews, personal meetings in the country of personnel search.

Rely on our experience and knowledge and we will find the right employee for you.

Maximum support for the introduction of Asian personnel
At your request, we can provide absolutely all aspects related to the integration of an employee into your team, as well as adaptation to life in Romania.
Additional services include finding housing and accommodation, transportation, organizing language courses, professional courses, cultural adaptation courses, etc. drafting an employment contract, etc. We can also provide advice on legislation, drafting of employment contracts, staff leasing, etc. for your company.
We will also provide you with a personal manager so that you are aware of every stage of the recruitment process.
Support for the introduction of Asian personnel
Asian employee replacement
Free replacement for an Asian employee
We understand that some employees may not be able to adapt and be unable to integrate into your team.

We guarantee that we will replace an employee free of charge if this happens through our fault.

We can also offer temporary Asian employees employed by our company.Read more about this on the page Staff Leasing.

Any specific, any business
Some examples from different business areas
Qualified professionals and handymen.
With experience and reviews.
Chefs, bartenders, waiters. Talented, polite and smiling.
Workers in the fields and farms. Hard working and experienced.
Machine operators, sorters, assemblers. With specialized education and work experience.
For home, office, business. Humble, sweet and hardworking.
Loaders, machine operators and others. Responsible and hardworking.
Beauty and Spa
Masseurs, manicure, depilation, etc. Bearers of Asian culture and experience.
Babysitters and nurses
Nurses, helpers for the elderly, nannies. Many speak English.
Asian staff - Recruitment Agency

Recruitment in Asian countries

Hardworking staff from Asia for European companies.
Each country has its own specifics
Easily adaptable, qualified, English-speaking staff. The most popular areas are manufacturing, construction and agriculture.
Serious, motivated to work hard. Mostly men. Capable of hard or monotonous work.
Sri Lanka
They are quick learners, responsible and attentive to details. Construction, HoReCa, beauty industry - most often these people get there.
Strong, accustomed to working in the fields and on farms. Agriculture is a good area for selection, but not only.
Responsible and stable, long-term contracts will be welcome. Not afraid of hard work.
Friendly and smiling people. They are diligent and hardworking, but also sweet and caring. Collectors, couriers, household staff, HoReCa are the favorite areas of these people.
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